Baby Sign Language Classes in Mandarin and English

At Golden Sun Babies we want to help parents teach their little ones to develop communication skills. With the aid of British Sign Language signs, singing, movement and play we believe you can enhance their language development and give them a means of communication, while they learn to talk.

About Us

I am Mei, a Chinese mum with an English husband, Neil. Our son Kai was born deaf and has been wearing bone conducting hearing aids since he was five weeks old. He is now three and a half.

We have been amazed how quickly Kai has learnt to communicate through sign language, while his speech is still developing.

We wanted to share our experiences and the things we have learnt, so we have created this website. We hope it will become a hub for the communication knowledge we gain, and helps you develop your child’s language skills.


I teach every day essential, and fun seasonal signs through songs, games, stories and movement. Enjoy learning baby sign language in Mandarin and English from the convenience of your own home every Sunday, 9am to 9:35am (GMT) via Zoom.

“My two year old son and I enjoy this baby sign language class. A great variety of nursery rhymes in Chinese and English. We love the story time as well. I surprised myself how much sign language I’ve learnt and very proud my son has learnt the sign language for ‘more’, ‘thank you’, ‘please’, ‘train’ and much more! Highly recommended.”

– Hong, Oscar’s mum


– Ting, Ellie’s mum

“Roger loves to interact through the screen with Mei, singing different songs, learning about colours, vehicles etc, also he is well adapted to Mei’s bilingual language environment. He shows growing interest to speak in both languages, and growing focusing ability. We are very happy with Mei’s class and will continue as long as it’s available.”

– Amy, Roger’s mum

Class Features

Mandarin and English

As a native Mandarin speaker I wanted to take my son to baby sign classes that used both English and Mandarin, but I couldn’t find any. Now you can!

British Sign Language

I use the signs from British Sign Language (BSL) to support spoken language. This is known as Sign Supported English (SSE), and in our case Mandarin too.

Development through singing

Singing nursery rhymes is proven to develop speech, language, reading, numeracy, memory and much more. We sing English and Chinese nursery rhymes as well as modern children’s songs.

Interactive play

Getting your child to participate in an action song; move to music or asking them a question stimulates their sound recognition skills. It also keeps their focus and attention.

Deaf aware

When I found out my son was deaf it was a big shock. We are only at the beginning of our journey, but have had a lot of support already. If you’re in a similar position, I would love to help you and your child learn to communicate.