Class Details

My goal is to help your child’s communication skills by teaching them the signs for the keywords they want to use. Giving them a way to express themselves before they can speak and reducing unnecessary frustration.

Each week I will cover a different topic. Topics include: daily routine (e.g. getting dressed, bath time, bedtime), food and drink, colours, emotions, animals, transport, weather, etc.

Days & Time

I teach two classes per week. Each one lasts for 35 minutes and is focused at a different age range. Wednesday’s class starts at 10am and is at a slower pace, aimed at babies. Sunday’s class starts at 9am and is for a mixed age range but focused on toddlers.

You and your child are welcome to attend either day regardless of age.


My classes are available online only, via Zoom. I will email you the invite after you have signed-up.


Pay as you go


per class

Perfect if you want to do the occasional class when it suits you.

8 week block


equivalent to £4 per class

PLUS you can attend both classes a week